A unique tool for prevention and low back evaluation, rehabilitation and training of back and lower limb injuries.

The BioniX Sim3 Pro is a medical device for measuring the back and abdominal muscles. With a 3D measurement of functional movements the device helps you making a correct diagnosis. The effectiveness of any rehabilitation or training program can be accurately monitored. The BioniX S3P also provides insight into the compensatory forces and supports both the constant force as the safe isokinetic evaluation methods. 



Fast, Complete & Safe

3D Isokinetic Back Evalution

A high performance device with unique properties, built for assessing 3D Trunk Specific Biomechanics with unmatched accuracy and safety.

- 3 dimensional isokinetic assessment

- Muscle strength evaluation

- Highly functional correlation

- Surface EMG synchronization


Monitoring and improving athletic performance

Core strength and core stability are the base for overall movement.

A strong and balanced upper body improves athletic performance.

As the human body learns to adapt and compensate for imbalance and weakness in the kinetic chain, it is crusial to detect these spots and reinforce them.

This way you can prevent injuries not only of the back but all over the body like acute lower extremity injuries.




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