Added value for patients and athletes


Besides the benefits to the physical medicine, the BioniX Sim3 Pro has also a lot to offer to sportsmen.


A solid lower body contributes to the trunk stability which is needed to deliver forces via the limbs. Powerful and fast muscle contractions of the lower limbs are more effective with high trunk stability. The BioniX Sim3 Pro is perfect to measure the strength of athletes and to follow the evolution of their training. It can also be used for trauma prevention, accelerated rehabilitation after injuries, detection of asymmetries and training.




What makes the BioniX Sim3 Pro unique?


  • 3D testing and rehabilitation modes;
  • Sitting and standing measurement positions;
  • 3D core stability training;
  • 3 measurement modes: isometric, isodynamic and isokinetic;
  • Full ROM available through unique soft breaking;
  • Medico-legal expertise reporting: quick detection of simulants;
  • Fast and accurate diagnosis by a perfect fixation of the patient;
  • Time saving, three measurements with only one fixation of the patient;
  • Patient-friendly, ergonomic and robust device;
  • Advanced medical engineering, developed in close cooperation with users;
  • Belgian product with state-of-the-art technology.